New generation, hyper-focussed investment firm

At Axiom, we are investment architects. We explore opportunities, identify challenges, and build lasting financial structures. With a blend of innovation and expertise, we turn your financial goals into reality. Join us at Axiom, where your aspirations are our blueprint for success.


Entrepreneurial investing

Axiom is a new generation, hyper-focussed investment firm. Unlike typical private equity firms with a five-year cycle, Axiom is family owned and operates without such constraints. Our goal is to transform good companies into great ones, fostering growth and excellence without solely focussing on EBITDA or downsizing staff. This approach has proven to create winners.

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Values and culture


Hands-on investors

We are hands-on investors with a focus on high-growth companies.


Experienced staff

We have the ability to deal with transactional and operational complexity due to the vast experience of our staff and our well-resourced operational team.


Buy and build

Our key investment focus is buy & build and accelerated growth.


Long-term strategic partner

We are long-term strategic partner to the companies within our portfolio.


Competitive funding

We have access to competitive funding without relying on a traditional fund structure.


Human resource services

Investing in HR companies, especially those focused on ICT and engineering at the white-collar level, is highly attractive due the growing demand for skilled professionals in these fields. The rapid technological advancements and digital transformation across industries ensure a constant need for specialised recruitment and talent management. Additionally, the complexity of these roles requires expert HR services, making this market a lucrative and resilient investment opportunity.



Investing in Fintech, particularly in highly automated collections and working capital solutions, is increasingly attractive in the current economic climate. These services address the rising need for efficient cash flow management and risk mitigation. Automation enhances accuracy and reduces costs, making these solutions essential for businesses aiming to maintain liquidity and financial stability. As economic uncertainties persist, the relevance and demand for advanced Fintech solutions continue to grow, presenting a compelling investment opportunity.


At Axiom, we pride ourselves om being entrepreneurial investors. Portfolio managers who merely analyse spreadsheets don’t fit with our ethos. Instead, we value those who are eager to understand, support and provide fact-based advice - these are the qualities that define our top performing team. Axiom’s long-term vision focusses on the continues growth of Circle8Group and CannockEDR, as well as exploring the markets for a third venture with similar potential. Also imparting a comprehensive understanding of our investment principles and strategies to our new team members, striving to continue to deliver high double-digit growth, year-on-year for our group.

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