April 13, 2021

Axiom Partners acquires staffing enterprises


Nieuwegein, 13 April 2021 - Corporate finance boutique Axiom Partners has acquired, with immediate effect, Staffing Enterprises from founder Wessel van Alphen. The company has a total annual turnover of more than 400 million euros and consists of The Staffing Group (with its three labels IT-Staffing, Kwiik and People for Office) and Dynahouse (supplier of traditional and flexible office space, meeting rooms and cafeterias). There will be no change to the current workforce or management. Wessel van Alphen Jr, the founder’s son and CEO, will formulate an international buy-and-build strategy together with the new owner.

The Staffing Group is one of the largest suppliers of permanent and flexible knowledge and capacity in the Netherlands. 3300 professionals are deployed by the agency every day to work in the area of total talent management for local and national government as well as for players in the energy, financial services, high tech and IT sectors. Axiom Partners has financed the entire acquisition through equity. “This is unique and guarantees the financial stability DSG has always known,” says Wessel van Alphen Jr.


Axiom is very optimistic about the trends in the market, which the investor believes will continue to grow far into the future. The deciding factor for the takeover was the strength of the “family business”. “You feel an atmosphere that’s full of enthusiasm, ‘we’re doing it together’, everybody pulls their weight and that’s the driving force behind the company,” according to Guus Franke, Axiom’s CEO. “The founder, the board and we as the new owner have the same vision for the future, in terms of how to continue the current stability and where to find opportunities for growth. The coming years will see us, together with the current management team, focus on the international staffing market, where we want to use acquisition and organic growth to build a prominent position.”

“What my father has created in the past 35 years is of course tremendous. And this is the crowning achievement,” says Wessel van Alphen Jr. “The Staffing Group is now ready to realise its ambitions in the area of total talent management as well as to  broaden and deepen its services, all at an accelerated pace. I’m really looking forward to having our own team join forces with the Axiom team to shape our path forward.”

Further reassurance

Van Alphen goes on to say: “We’ll be proceeding in line with our DNA and our vision. The growth and internationalisation of The Staffing Group offer our staff new opportunities as we head into the future.” Wessel van Alphen Sr adds: “The Staffing Group owes its success to the tireless efforts of all our people and I’m eternally grateful to them.” He is very pleased with the transaction. “Axiom is a very suitable buyer because it’s committed to ongoing professionalisation. This gives further reassurance to all staff, contractors and clients as well as other stakeholders.”

About Axiom Partners

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