December 5, 2022

Axiom Partners takes over flexible IT Staffing agency Seven Stars


Amsterdam, 5 December 2022 - Axiom Partners, a Swiss investment firm, is taking over Seven Stars with immediate effect. Originally established in Zwolle and with offices in Zwolle, Utrecht and Groningen, Seven Stars is a recruitment agency that focuses on flex and contract workers in the IT sector. It expects to realise a turnover of over 85 million euros this year. Following the acquisition of the former De Staffing Groep (now Circle8, annual turnover 550 million euros) and FixedToday (annual turnover 80 million euros), Seven Stars is Axiom’s third takeover in quick succession in the Dutch staffing market, thus dovetailing perfectly with its buy-and-build strategy within the sector.

While Seven Stars will still be operating independently within the Axiom Group, the acquisition is creating some shifts at board level. More specifically, the current CEO and founder Marius Nijland is handing over the reins to the new owner. The executive team will continue with Mike Verheijen (CFO), Ronald Raidt (CCO) and Corianna Geersing, who is joining the board as Chief People Officer (CPO). There will be no change to the current workforce. “We are delighted to have Seven Stars reinforce our portfolio,” says Guus Franke, CEO of Axiom Partners. “We’re strengthening our position in the flexible IT staffing market and our total talent workforce proposition by unburdening a broader group of clients when it comes to flexible and contract workers in the IT domain. With an experienced and motivated team in Zwolle, Utrecht and Groningen, we take a keen interest in our clients, professionals and partners. This is one of the reasons we expect solid organic growth in the coming years, something we’re very much looking forward to.”

Growing share of flexible IT staffing market

Every day, there are over 700 professionals working via Seven Stars for clients in the public and private sectors. Originally established in Zwolle, the recruiter would very much like to see that number increase as a result of the takeover. “We want to grow our share of the Dutch flexible IT staffing market and are pleased to have found an enthusiastic and strong partner in Axiom, a player with plenty of ambition, knowledge and experience in the sector,” CCO Ronald Raidt explains. “We complement each other very well and look forward to realising our joint ambitions. The collaboration also offers opportunities for our staff to follow broad career paths and find even more ways to develop themselves. Through our mission, we strive to achieve job satisfaction for all of them as well as for IT professionals. It’s something Axiom endorses whole-heartedly.”

Attractive synergies

The Seven Stars takeover has not only landed Axiom a financially sound player with a proven track record but has also created attractive synergies because of earlier similar acquisitions. The takeover fits in perfectly with the group’s strategy to unburden any organisation through the concept of a total talent workforce. As Franke points out: “Seven Starts differentiates itself in the way it brings supply and demand together in the market for flexible IT professionals and, in doing so, creates matches based not just on hard skills but also on the personal characteristics of those professionals. Because they’ll keep their own name and identity and carry on doing what they’re good at, I expect they’ll lift the whole group to an even higher level.”

About Seven Stars

Flexible IT staffing agency Seven Stars has been active in the market for flexible and contract workers in the IT sector since 2005. Every day, over 700 professionals work through the agency for clients in the public and private sectors. Seven Stars creates matches between ambitious clients and talented IT professionals and offers a broad range of solutions in the area of flexible staffing within the IT domain. Since 2005, Seven Stars has grown to an expected annual turnover for 2022 of more than 85 million euros.

About Axiom Partners

Originating in Switzerland, Axiom is a rapidly growing investment firm. With recent acquisitions such as De Staffing Groep (rebranded to Circle8), FixedToday, Cannock-EDR and Airopack, the company currently has a turnover in the Netherlands of more than one billion euros. Axiom was founded on a vision of an investment company with a unique combination of individual competencies and entrepreneurship, and hence the ability to act quickly and decisively. With its agile approach and expertise, Axiom rolls out successful buy-and-build strategies in the staffing, financial services and sustainability sectors, among others. Axiom expects to announce new takeovers in the near future